The Roger Williams University Journalism Program welcomes back students for fall 2019. Stay tuned for student-produced news reports from our Bristol campus and surrounding Rhode Island communities.

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The Herreshoff Collaboration

Reliance Model

This is a short documentary about the model of the ship Reliance, one of the largest and most impressive yachts ever built by the Herreshoff’s.

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Reliance Model

This is a short documentary about the model of the ship Reliance, one of the largest and most impressive yachts ever built by the Herreshoff’s.

Farm to Fork Rhody

Bon Appétit promotes local food at RWU


BRISTOL, R.I.__Bon Appétit Management Company has over 500 onsite café and catering locations in 32 states. Bon Appétit values the importance of providing its guests with delicious food all while being socially responsible. Bon Appétit is a chef driven company working toward a sustainable future.

“A sustainable future for food service means flavorful food that’s healthy and economically viable for all, produced through practices that respect farmers, workers, and animals; nourish the community; and replenish our shared natural resources for future generations,” reads the company’s website.

Bon Appétit is one of the first food service companies to commit to sustainability. In 1999 it began supporting local agriculture and in 2002 it committed to only serving seafood that meets the Seafood Watch sustainability guidelines. Bon Appétit also switched to serving cage-free eggs, rBGH-free milk and humanely raised beef.

They work mainly with corporations and colleges and universities including Roger Williams University in Bristol, R.I. In 1999 Bon Appétit formalized the Farm to Fork initiative. Farm to Fork is a company-wide initiative to purchase seasonal ingredients from small, owner-operated farms within a 150-mile radius of each café. “Our commitment to local food is about preserving biodiversity, protecting open space, supporting family farmers, and keeping money invested in your community,” reads the company’s website.


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Founding News Team

Olivia Lyons

Olivia Lyons

Olivia Lyons

Hometown: Trumbull, Conn.

Twitter: @olyons457


Olivia Lyons is a digital journalist and a graphic designer who is the Founder and Editor of Under the Bridge. Olivia loves art, craft beer, good food, and, most of all, music. She is so excited to have created Under the Bridge with such a talented group of journalists who she is lucky enough to call her friends. Olivia wants to pursue a career in visual journalism in New York City upon graduation in May 2014, where she can explore her creativity.

Olivia is from Trumbull, Conn. She is a Journalism and Graphic Design Communication major at Roger Williams University, class of 2014. Olivia is the president of RWU’s Chapter of Society of Professional Journalists and the copy editor and design editor of Crossings Yearbook. In 2013, Olivia worked as a copy desk intern for Hearst Connecticut Newspapers and as a graphic design intern at Newport Harbor Corporation. For a full list of Olivia’s work experiences check out her résumé on her website listed above.

Olivia edits and updates Under the Bridge each week. If you have any questions feel free to shoot her an email


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Original Reporting

La Sorpresa brings big flavor to tiny town

La Sorpresa brings big flavor to tiny town

Photo by Alex Castro.


CENTRAL FALLS, R.I. __ You don’t have to speak the language to enjoy the scrumptious offerings of La Sorpresa, a bakery and eatery on Broad Street. Serving up greasy goodies that are simply too delicious to resist, La Sorpresa is perhaps the cutest little restaurant in the square-mile that is Central Falls.

Better yet, it’s cheap. On the three separate occasions I’ve visited La Sorpresa, I have yet to ask the price of any specific item. But when a big plate of food –complete with rice, soup and meat-filled pastries– lands in front of you for less than $8, you’re not likely to complain.

Chicken or beef empanadas are a steal, satiating your hunger for only $1.50. Taquitos loaded with crunch and shredded meat are a good bet for pickier eaters, featuring a subtle yet addictive taste. The spare ribs are a little sticky and don’t quite fall off the bone. Whatever your entree, complement it with soup or rice for a meal to silence even the loudest stomach. For those with a fear of spice, La Sorpresa will treat you well; the food is usually more savory than spicy.

La Sorpresa also keeps a case loaded with sweet treats like pineapple-filled pastries. The coffee is soothingly sugary and a delightful end to your meal. Bubbling juice machines grab your eye with pop art colors, inviting you to try exciting flavors like tamarind.

Vibrant decorations line the walls, accompanied by Latin music and locals often conversing in Spanish. The invigorating atmosphere and satisfying food make La Sorpresa the ideal spot to refuel with lunch or a snack.

Visit La Sorpresa at 498 Broad St, Central Falls, RI 02863, or give them a call at 401-475-0032. They accept credit/debit and takeout is available.


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Coastal Sustainability

Digital-First News Reporting

Digital-First News Reporting

Goodbye and Good Luck, Class of 2019! Starting in the fall, a new team of six Roger Williams University Journalism students will report news about coastal sustainability in the Ocean State. Stay tuned!